HR’s 2023 Roadmap for Designing Your Benefits Strategy In A Fluctuating Economy

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There are some things you just know will go more smoothly if you have a plan. Traveling with family? Absolutely. Renovating a house? Yup, that too. Benefits strategy? Without a doubt.

We can’t help with crazy families or reno disasters, but we can certainly improve your benefits experience. With that last point at the top of our minds, we set out to create a clear month-by-month benefits roadmap to set your year up for success.

To make it, we phoned a few HR friends. Lucky, for us, two of the smartest folks in the biz picked up the line ☎️.

Sara Richards, Director of Benefits at Red Bull &

Ellen Meza, Total Rewards and People Ops Exec (most recently for DocuSign).

Session 1 of this series focuses on: 

  • Aligning with leadership on strategy, goals, constraints
  • Analysis of what you have today
  • Pinpointing what your employees want


The Experts

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Ellen Meza

Total Rewards and People Ops Exec

Most recently for DocuSign

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Sara Richards

Director of Benefits

Red Bull

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Brandon Weber

Co-Founder & CEO 

Nava Benefits