In-Office, Virtual or Hybrid - Where Do We Go Now?

Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Tracy Desmond, Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility at Airbnb

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In a landscape where almost half of employees are questioning the need to return to a physical office, HR leaders are actively redefining the role of the physical office in helping employees bring their best selves (and performance) to work. But where to start?

Nava is bringing in the experts who'll provide a scalable framework to think through this challenge.

Join us for an exclusive, invite-only session with benefits expert Tracy Desmond, Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility at Airbnb. During this "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" session, Tracy will walk you through her decision-making framework, hone in the right questions to ask, and outline what assumptions to make on how you make the right "future of work" decision for your company.

What our clients are asking:

  • In a hybrid environment how can we make sure that everyone feels included?
  • My company can't go hybrid - how should I handle that communication to employees?
  • How to have inclusive benefits and perks for people WFH and people coming to the office?
  • How do you think about engagement and retention in a hybrid work environment? What are they key factors to keep in mind?
  • What does a great onboarding process look like in a hybrid workforce?
  • What pandemic-era policies should we hold onto moving forward? (i.e. sick time, flexible work schedules for caregivers, etc)

An AMA led by your HR peers & answered by the experts

Tracy Desmond

Tracy Desmond

Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility


Member of the Nava Healthcare & Benefits Advisory Council


Brandon Weber

Co-Founder & CEO