Inflation, Rising Healthcare Costs & Recession:

What financial crisis means for financial wellness


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It’s been hard to avoid the recent news headlines (even if you tried): record-breaking inflation; looming recession; layoffs; sky-high medical costs. It’s likely that you (or your employees) are already feeling these economic changes.

With the consistency of an influx of news about all topics at all times, it can seem far away or very macro. The truth is, these market dynamics are making a real impact on employees on a day to day basis. Employees are bearing the stress of not only managing day to day finances, but also the stress of the highest inflation in 41 years, the worst first half market performance in 52 years, rising interest rates, and more.

All this news has serious implications for HR as you balance the effects on both an employer and employee level.

For employers across industries, the last two years has been a cross between a balancing act and a 100 yard dash. Keeping your benefits competitive, your employees engaged, and your costs contained these days is no small feat.

To help you and your employees navigate this, we’ve put together a roadmap for tackling the economic impact of your benefits strategy and how that translates into financial wellness for your employees. Join Brandon Weber, CEO & Co-Founder of Nava Benefits, and David Blaylock, Head of Financial Planning and Advice at Origin, live on September 14th at 1pm EST / 10am PST.

What they’ll cover:

  1. An overview of how the shifting financial landscapes impacts financial wellness
  2. How HR can adapt their financial wellness strategy to fit the new needs of employees
  3. How to pinpoint what will give your employees the most utility
  4. A strategic plan for garnering c-suite buy-in and showcasing ROI


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