An Insider’s Guide to Simplifying the Benefits RFP Process

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Amidst the Great Reshuffle, the stakes have never been higher to get benefits right. More than half of your current employees are considering a new job, hiring is intensely competitive, the needs of employees have vastly shifted in the last year alone, and HR is juggling more than ever before.

To add on to all that, the pressure on HR to get it right. So now, more than ever, HR operators need a full 360 degree view of what benefits are available, and which ones will move the needle for their employees. Just settling for what has been done in the past is no longer an option. Enter the RFP (Request for Proposal). It’s your best tool to vet the benefits chops of brokers and providers you’re considering. But even the smoothest RFP process is tedious and time-consuming. It’s time for a new approach to RFPs. We’ve tapped the Nava Benefits experts, Brandon Weber, CEO and Co-Founder, and Ilana Mauskopf, Director of Talent and People Operations, to walk us through the RFP best practices we've seen from of employers and Nava's own advisory board of HR experts.

He’ll unpack exactly how to build an RFP that sets you up for success, what mistakes to avoid, and what questions to ask to get answers that improve the lives of your employees while making your day-to-day easier. 

On top of all this you’ll get an RFP template to kick-start your process while minimizing lift. You’ll walk away with: 

1. A step-by-step guide to an effective benefits RFP process

2. Top tips and tricks of the Fortune 500 (plus mistakes to avoid)

3. Tactical advice on what questions to ask and what will move the needle for your employees

4. An plug and play RFP template that will save you time and make you look like an expert

The Experts

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Ilana Mauskopf

Director of Talent and People Operations

Nava Benefits

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Brandon Weber

Co-Founder & CEO

Nava Benefits